The ergonomic and safe handle

The continuous movement in professional job always brings fatigue and muscle tension. And it results increasing discomfort or injury to the users. King Tony treats the health and safety of the users as first majority of concern. We try to design a more comfortable and safe handling on the products. For example, we select TRB insert molding process to supply better and safer handling for working.

Hard gripping test to work direction

ISO 14001

cleaner production factory

Less affect by environmental considerations to every aspect of the product lifecycle including planning, design, choice of materials, manufacturing, distribution, usage, and recycling. King Tony always follows the rule of relative standard such as RoHS the European standard for non-toxic and recyclable contents. We concern the environment and human while we supply the best quality tools.

From prototype to mass production

The quality is one of the most important things and is taken care since the beginning of design. King Tony makes details clearly on 2D dimension engineering drawing & 3D shape picture communicate on production. We create mold precisely to make sure satisfaction of designed performance. Then after checking and testing from trial production, we arrange mass production for on-time delivery to global customers.