Precision forging technology

In forging process, metal moved while it is still in the solid state. King Tony specialized in forging technology to create better metal configuration. Non-straight grain flow and non-sharp corners can extend lifetime and durability of socket. Torque is transmitted for powerful tightening under safety.

Finest material for tool

Tools are made to extend hand work. King Tony selects different material depends on its difference of nature for tightening, power impacting, cutting, rotating, and locking. Choose qualified material to meet required lifetime for professional use and consumption.

Conventional heat treatment and microstructural

Heat treatment involves the use of heating or chilling on experience and time control. King Tony controlled heat treatment systems to ensure the right hardness without the brittleness. From microstructural picture you can see elements are well- distributed.

Production Process

01Hot Forge

Heat to take shape and complete fibers to improve durability


Remove oxide layer and ensure sockets roundness for follow process precision


Control sockets external diameter and the roundness


Drilling pin hole on the groove to offer impact socket safety operation

05Machining(CNC )

Finish complicated process to ensure product the precision


Remove the burrs and chamfer on square hole

07Punching & Broaching

Make accurate dimension for the spanner


Stamp dimensions, material and manufacturer

09Heat Treatment

Enhance product performance to achieve max. hardness


Remove oxide layer and burrs for surface coating

11Sand Blast

Remove oxide layer and burrs for surface coating


Nickel-chrome plated to protect product from corrosion and improve finish

13Phosphate Sunk

Increase impact sockets wear resistant and prevent corrosion to improve the durability

14Silk Printing

The unique bi-colors silk printing design and is easy to distinguish metric and inch dimension

15Rubber Strip Assembly

The unique bi-colors rubber stripe design and is easy to distinguish metric and inch dimension
Wrench Made


Raw Material


Hot Forge






Punching & Broaching




Heat Treatment




Sand Blast


Socket Made


Hot Forge






Heat Treatment


Sand Blast






Rubber Stripe Assembly

Professional production & quality control

Quality control also ensure that a sufficient level of production output. King Tony uses advance technology to inspect tiny difference on each step. Our hand socket, ratchet, extension bar, and power handle is 30% higher than international DIN standards. Impact socket reach 50% higher torque than DIN standards.

Extremely hard-wearing performance

King Tony offers reliable tools for professional users, strictly controls its quality to ensure achievement of required performance. From “fracture & fatigue test”, you will know the difference we have when compare to others.

1/2DR. 19mm hand scoket (433519MR)

Inspection Equipment


Metal material elements analysis

02Gauge measurement

Measure the screw tap to meet LEVEL I tolerance of DIN standard.

03Rockwell hardness tester

Test the productÕs hardness to meet KING TONY quality standard.

04Salt-water spray tester

48 HRs environmental simulation test to check productÕs durability from being rusty.

05Thickness test of plating

Apply special chemical to check thickness of plating and ensure it reaches KING TONY Ôs standard.

06Torque Tester

Fracture test to check the max. torque to ensure excess of DIN standard.

07Precise cutting machine

Cut for a smooth section

08Mounting press machine

In order to fix tiny and multilateral workpiece

09Grinding & polishing machine

Make surface of workpiece smoother and clearer for further observation.

10Micro hardness tester

Analyze the change of metallography after heat treatment and the difference of hardness between surface and central location.

11Environmental simulation test of temperature & humidity

Simulate temperature from 70 °C ~ - 20°C to test product reaction and durability while obvious change of temperature.

12Tension Tester

Test pulling force of product especially for joint workpiece according to DIN standard.

13Hammering testing machine

Test the lifetime of striking hammer and security of the joint of hammer& wooden shaft.

14Pliers class measure tester

Test the cutting force and durability.

15Torque wrench tester

Follow the DIN ISO & ASME standard to test torque tolerance by 3 points of 20%, 60% and 100% of max. scale.

16Precise cutting machine

Test products with smaller torque such as bits for their durability.

17Mounting press machine

Measure parts for difficult angle or in the narrow space.

18Grinding & polishing machine

Test the strength of carton in order to assure good packing quality.

19Insulated test machine

Ensure products are insulated under the voltage 1000V.