Brand Vision and Mission

KING TONY engaged in supplying professional tools for more than 35 years. We always focused on supplying quality tools to our customers to make sure the quality satisfies the working requirement. We realized to finish a professional job is a dream and target for every mechanic, and to finish it more easily and perfectly is even a wonderful achievement. We consider a good tool should not only to help a mechanic finish the job, but also needs to bring them comfortable experience and safety.

To deeply study the real meaning of the existence of KING TONY brand, we are now very sure the future direction which KING TONY will step forward. Firstly, we want to supply tools to all our customers which is “easy to take, easy to use it, and can save their time and strength”. It’s just a simple thinking but it’s very important for every mechanic. And we will keep this as our future mission to remember it all the time. And during their experience of using KING TONY tools, they feel comfortable and helpful to their work, and even help them improve themselves in professional skills. When this happens, they will feel so great and will not treat their work as tough task, but they will start to “Enjoy your work ”.

Brand Value

We truly hope the existence of “KING TONY” brand can really bring something very important and valuable to all our customers, and we now are very sure the value they will finally receive through using KING TONY tools are the 4 major points:


This contains functional and non-functional. Functionally saying is the good tools which help finish the work perfectly. Non-functionally saying is the good experience of distribution, sales service and after sale service.


It contains innovation of products and marketing system. Good innovation of products improve efficiency of the mechanic’s work. And good innovation of marketing system helps the efficiency of the distributors to sales and after sales service.


Health contains physical and mental side, physically saying means use KING TONY tools more safely, and less fatigue, and for mentally saying that is to achieve better working performance.


When it comes to the total meaning of Quality, Innovation, and health, then no matter the distributors or the mechanics of KING TONY brand, they will feel really enjoyable.

Brand Identification

The identification image aspiration is calm, restrained, simple, and determination. We use a hexagon to design a trademark that looks like a person who holds T(tools) in the arms. The symbol of KING TONY is fine, trust and quality. The brand of KING TONY is pursuit of excellence, care and the unique value of indestructible.

The major color of brand identification – Gentle blue, is a representative of steady, honor, specialty and faith. To collocate with the auxiliary color – Fire red, is a representative of Lively, enthusiasm and pursuit of innovation.