10 PC. Titanium Coated HSS Drill Bits Set

Titanium coated HSS drill set with standard 1/4" hex shank that will fit cordless screwdrivers, hand drills and impact drivers etc. or use in standard drill chuck

Suitable for use with steel, wood, plastic etc.

Titanium nitride drill bits run cooler, drill smoother and last longer than standard bits

High speed steel

120 deg. tips

1/4" hex shank for fast changes

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ø1.5 mm, L 62 mm
ø2 mm, L 69 mm
ø2.5 mm, L 77 mm
ø3 mm, L 82 mm
ø3.2 mm, L 85 mm
ø3.5 mm, L 90 mm
ø4 mm, L 95 mm
ø4.5 mm, L 100 mm
ø4.8 mm, L 105 mm
ø5 mm, L 106 mm