Standing on the shoulders of giants to get the power of change



HengDian Motor traing school and California SuperBike School Asia District Chen Cong-ming / Garfield


People often envy me and say: what a lucky thing one can devote himself into his interests! However, it is not just happen to me, the luckier thing is Heng Dian and I can stand on the soulder of giant to get more power to change the education of riding motorcycle safty and riding culture step by step. It is from my hometown, the star situated in middle of Taiwan, from the supports and sponsors of KING TONY letting Heng Dian promotes the safe driving education and introduce the the world’s top classes into Taiwan. It is the seventh year of Heng Dian safe driving and the fourth year of California Superbike School in Taiwan. We are so lucky to have the deep fate with KING TONY in this big crowd.

2015 HDMOTO-02    

The base of safe riding is to control the vehicle precisely as you want. The target of Heng Dian echoes with the purpose of requirements of precise and quality of KING TONY. Nonetheless, the attitude of pursuing of excellent also matches the spirit of devoting to developing, pursuing perfect and sustainable management of KING TONY. I am so honor to expand KING TONY tent and banner and wear KING TONY hat in every activity, and expose products in process in these years of KING TONY sponsor. The most impressive is when the California Superbike School coach team came to Taiwan, seeing the brand tent in racing circuit, they are so surprised to the display tool trolley car and tools content are so delicate. After actual use , they repeatedly exclaimed that they can feel the efforts of KING TONY brand for KING TONY standing on the user side to control the degree of details to let them want to understand more about this Taiwan brand.  

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As a boy of loving cars in middle Taiwan, it is interesting to indulse two-wheel world for not only the riding experience but also the enjoying the time of chatting my loving car when organizing cars. From childhood to the present, from DIY tools to professional hand tools, it can be said Shen Nong tasted a hundred herbs, and both are experiences. KING TONY has given me more than just a feeling you can fully trust, but the full enjoyment the dialogue with the car. It is the happiest time for a person loving car.

2015 HDMOTO-04    

It is my pleasure to write down the gratitude and blessing of Heng Dian to KING TONY’s 30th birthday. Thanks for the great giant’s generosity and sponsor to let Heng Dian can stand on the soulder of giant to have the power of change. Heng Dina is going to improve contiually to promote the safe driving and tearch riding to let more riders enjoy the fun of safe riding!

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