KINGTONY sponsors badminton player, Chen Yi-Yin.



Chen Yi-Ying from Taichung is small but has a big ambition. Although diagnosed with Achondroplasia, which makes his physical condition different from the average person, he always has had a belief in his heart, which was “If other people can do it, I can do it.” He started badminton during college. After his friends told him about para-badminton, he practiced even harder.

Chen Yi-Ying’s goal was to represent his country and compete with world-class players. Playing on the court with different players from all over the world can be a challenge. After many years of hard work, his outstanding performance won him many awards.

In addition to focusing on the development of professional tools, KINGTONY also silently cares for friends who need assistance. We hope he excels even more in the future!

Chen Yi-Ying’s competitions around the world: