Sweet and Golden Family Baking Camp



     For a long time, KINGTONY has been striving towards becoming a “happy enterprise”. The so-called happiness should not be limited to our colleagues, but also should include the family members of each of our colleagues. Only with a happy family can our colleagues work hard without worries.

      This year, we’ve planned three parent-child family days. We hope that through these activities, we will be able to enhance the relationship between colleagues and their families, achieving a win-win situation for both families and business. Let’s start with a sweet-smelling family baking camp this summer!

      On this day, everyone put on an apron and turned into dessert experts! Following the recipe of a little flour, eggs, and sugar, everyone was busy. Soon the classroom filled with the sweet smell of cake. Everyone was delighted to see the desserts they made with their hearts.

Sweet and Golden Family Baking Camp

Group photo