KING TONY v.s. Alzheimer Disease



     The annual "International Alzheimer Disease Month" has come again. At this time of year, the "Dementia Care Association, Taiwan, R.O.C." will hold a large-scale event to promote public awareness of dementia. This is done through many wonderful activities to attract people to participate, letting the patients with dementia have a stage for their talents.

      With the culture of “rewarding gratitude”, the KINGTONY Group has been giving much love to those that need it. Every year, we invest a lot of manpower to assist this event. This time, a total of 24 employees and their families came together to join the event, adding more value and meaning to this activity. Other than helping others in this process of volunteering, it can also make us feel happy. In addition, working together can improve the interactions and emotions between family members, which is truly a “win-win-win” situation for communities, businesses, and individuals.

Alzheimer’s Carnival Volunteers

Alzheimer’s Carnival Volunteers