KING TONY Treasure hunt game


KING TONY Treasure hunt game
Our 3D Online Showroom has been online for a while. I wonder if anyone has got in and strolled around?
We are now launching a treasure hunt game, and the answers are all in the 3D Online Showroom.
Hurry up follow the questions and to find the answers inside! All Answers are correct will have a chance to win treasures!
Date: From now until 2022/5/15(Sunday)
Activity rule:
Complete all the questions on the form and answer them correctly to be eligible for the lottery
*When you submit the form, you can see if you have answered any questions incorrectly
As long as you have re-submit and completed the questionnaire correctly, you are still eligible for the lottery!!
We will draw 6 lucky winners on May 17th.
1. 9TA27 - 3W COB + 5 LED Inspection Lamp x 2
2. 9TA28 - 1.5W COB +1 LED Lamp x 2
3. 1048MR - 49 PC. Palm Ratchet Screwdriver Set x 2
1. If the winner does not reply to the winning notification within three days, we will re-select the winner
2. We will provide alternative gift with the same value if any irresistible issue occurs