KING TONY Measuring Tape X Ping Pong Ball Challenge


KING TONY Measuring Tape x Ping Pong Ball Challenge
Do you enjoy challenges?
Do you think that you’re a measuring tape master?
You can get a chance to win a prize if you participate in this challenge!
The rules are as follows:
(There is a simple demonstration video as shown below.)
1. You must say: “This is the King Tony Measuring Tape Challenge!” to the camera before starting the challenge.
2. Show yourself measuring the cup diameter and locking the measuring tape to at least 80cm.
3. Start the challenge! All you have to do is let the ping pong ball land in the cup.
4. After you make a successful attempt, upload it to your personal profile and set it to public. After that, come back to this post and leave your video as a comment again and wait for the results!
Starting from today, you can start filming your challenges!We will stop taking submissions on 5/14 and announce the winners on 5/19. We will select the 5 most special and creative challengers as winners and they will win the P7941-08(the 35th Anniversary Folding Knife).
*The measuring tape does not have to be ours. It can be any brand.
*You may edit the video. The video length is limited to one minute and thirty seconds.
*You must press like on our fan page to participate in this challenge
*You agree to submit your video for King Tony to collect, edit, publish, promote, and other purposes.
Watch the full video here!
KING TONY Measuring Tape x Ping Pong Ball Challenge