The Floating Screwdriver Challenge


The Floating Screwdriver Challenge

The Floating Screwdriver Challenge
Wow! It's so cool! The screwdriver can actually float in the air!
Do you want to participate in the challenge?
If you successfully complete the challenge, there's a chance you'll win a prize!
How to participate
Extend your tape measure to one meter long.
Use an air gun to keep the screwdriver floating and move the screwdriver for one meter without it falling.
If it doesn't fall for one meter, you have succeeded!
Isn't it simple?
Please record the challenge in a video and upload the successful challenge video to your personal page.
Remember to put the settings to public.
Tag us in the post with these words on FB:
"@KING TONY I accept the challenge"
Then give our page a like and you'll be eligible for the lucky giveaway!
A total of 3 successful challengers using a KING TONY screwdriver will be drawn:
4523MRV01x1, 12112MRNx1, 34462-1DGx1
A total of 2 successful challengers using any other brand of screwdriver will be drawn:
12D12MRSx1, 42104GPx1
Time of Challenge:
From now until November 3rd
We will draw the lucky winners on November 5th
When participating in this event the participants agree to submit the challenge video for collection, editing, publication, promotion, and other purposes.
Good luck to everyone!