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Screw Extractor Set (Fine thread)

Decapitated with a wire-tapping screw extractor (fine tooth)


This product is its function as the broken screw out of the future. Decapitated with a wire-tapping screw extractor to its Principles for the L-screw teeth teeth, using L-mode into the screws, the screws due to the way left-turn out to be the future
 The first mode of operation broken screws first hole, then tapping the wrench with the product and then with the use of the product L-screw into the hole 裡 breakage, screw can be removed.
 Material: SCM440 Heat treatment: HRC40 ° ~ 42 ° (M6, M8) HRC42 ° ~ 46 ° (M11, M14) HRC45 ° ~ 50 ° (M18) Surface treatment: black, polished.

                                     11205SQ  5 PC. Screw Extractor Set

Decapitated with a wire-tapping screw extractor (fine tooth) - Function


Specifications use of [Imperial - Metric]
M6 1/8“~1/4” 【3.25~6.35】
M8 1/4“~5/16” 【6.35~7.9】
M11 5/16“~7/16” 【7.9~11.11】
M14 7/16“~9/16” 【11.11~14.28】
M18  9/16“~3/4” 【14.28~19.05

Decapitated with a wire-tapping screw extractor (fine tooth) - use


※ The use of 8mm screws and the Division counterattack Screw M11 model



Lock screw may be encountered during the break - then what can we do to screw this Division to use 8MM how to break out in the simulation.
We first use the broken screw fixed drilling the center to find out (mainly broken screw surface is bumpy, if a drill with drill will be easy to deviate from the tail to the center), the use of 5MM ~ 6MM following drilling to drilling (mainly 8MM screws if drilling with 6 to 7 or more, then I will use tapping tapping turn the screw to break wall on the workpiece damage to the original thread).
To counter-clockwise until the screw out so far.
~ Screws to take out ~

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