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Introduction of Crimping Tool

6721-10 crimping pliers


This product has six functions:
 1 cut the wire
 2 crimping terminals open
 3 Pressure Re bare terminal
 4 off screws
 5. Crimp terminal edge must
 6 stripping wire enclosure

Material: iron - carbon 50C, the handle - PVC, screws - usually iron

Crimping pliers - the function

1 cut the wire 2 crimp terminal openings 3 pressure Wo bare terminals 4 off screws (no need to heat 5. Crimp edge must terminals 6 stripped wire casing


Crimp pliers - to use

※The Division uses 5mm and 5mm wire terminal head pay you how to use crimp pliers

Using the jaws of the plastic strip 5mm of skin peel.
Inside diameter near the terminal caps, then use the pressure line from the terminal end of round 4-6 down at the intermediate pressure.
Use crimp terminals insulated terminals at then end of the 2.5-6MM pressed again, more firmly to the terminal.
That's it.


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