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Torque wrench Series
  1. L-type torque wrench (with mini to replace the first type, 72PT type)
  2. Window-type torque wrench
  3. Torque screwdriver


Torque Wrench distinguish

KING TONY torque wrench, according to the users frequency of use, accuracy, service life, can be divided into:
 Industrial Products: (L series)
 KT-34262, 34362,34462,34662,346862 Series
 KT-3426C, 3436C Series
 KT-3426A, 3436A, 3446A Series
 KT-34512, 34522 Series
 KT-34111 (torque screwdriver)
 Professional Products: (window type, general type)
 KT-3426B, 3436B, 3446B column
 KT-34223, 34323,34423 series


KING TONY torque wrench series





Replacement of the first type






KING TONY torque wrench series


General Type


L-type torque wrench to adjust torque method



1 Pull:
 Automatic ring down the top of the handle
2 turn:
While turning the handle, clockwise to increase torque.
While turning the handle, rotate, cut torque.
3 release:
 Released back to the automatic buckle, fixed locked.


KT-34512, 34522 series replacement joint method

Based on torque range can be divided into two sizes: 12 and 9 * 14 * 18.



General Type Torque Wrench Adjustment


 1. Unlock
 Loosen the adjustment screw

 2. Turn
 Clockwise to increase torque.
 Counterclockwise rotation, lowering torque.

 3. Locks
 Tighten the adjustment screw


Torque screwdriver to adjust torque method


 1. Pull:
 Unlock the drop-down torque adjustment ring.

 2. turn:
 Clockwise to increase torque.
 Counterclockwise rotation, lowering torque.

 3. Push:
 Torque adjustment ring on the push lock.



  1. When a torque wrench (Torque Wrench) after adjustment to the required operating torque, torque will be zero, to avoid the spring compression and elastic fatigue due to long-term, affect torque accuracy.
  2. as a removal tool to avoid, resulting in part damage.
  3. Avoid Zhongshuai.
  4. such as abnormal use, first check whether the abnormal head parts, such as no abnormal internal structure of parts may be damaged, and then notify the maintenance unit as maintenance treatment.
  5. The use of a torque wrench to be about 5,000 times the action for torque calibration.
  6. Because they have to ensure accurate torque values​​, do not disassemble any parts of iron pipe, to avoid the use of the troubles.

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