9DA104   1/2"DR. torx Bit Socket-T50
1/2"DR. torx Bit Socket-T50 | KING TONY | 9DA104
Specialized in removing & installing freewheel pulleys on alternator.
Ideal for dismantling and assembling the free wheel pulley while changing the alternator or pulley.
The pulley shaft is held in place with the bit on 1/2"DR. socket whilst the nut is undone using the 33 teeth union nut with 19mm spanner
Suitable generator brand: Bosch, Valeo, Magetic Marelli,Denso, etc.
It’s also interchangeable and comprehensive components to work on VW, Audi, Citroen/ Peugeot, Mercedes, Renault, BMW, Flat, Ford, Toyota, etc
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