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Power tools type


Types of power tools

Power tools power from the input plug-in can be divided into two kinds with the electrical storage.
 By using the function can be divided into:
 Metal cutting power tools
 Grinding power tools
 Assembly power tools

Metal cutting power tools

Use circular saw blades, saw blades, abrasive manner, etc., the metal material (such as: iron, aluminum, steel, etc.), non-metallic materials (such as: wood, plastic, etc.) for cutting operations.
 Using places: the metal processing, wood processing plants, decorating houses and other places.


Grinding power tools

Use wheel, belt, disc, etc., on the material for grinding, polishing, grinding and other activities.
Using places: wood processing, metal processing plants and so on.


Assembly power tools

A drill
 Uses: with a variety of accessories, things work in different materials for drilling, loading and unloading various types of screws, nuts, sanding, polishing, waxing, etc..
 Use: the need to drill all kinds of situations apply.

Second, the electric wrench
         Purpose: Dedicated to all types of screws and nuts of the loading and unloading operations.
 Use: the need to disassemble or assemble a variety of situations apply.

Cordless basis for the work described
 The basic principle of the battery


Nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydride battery core = 1.2 volts each
 10 = 12 volt battery core
 20 = 24 volt battery core
 Lithium core = 3.6 volts per cell
 4 core = 14.4 volt battery
 10 = 36 volt battery core

Common market type of power tool batteries
 Nickel-cadmium: a large discharge capacity of the moment, the big power discharge, the voltage drop is relatively flat.
 Ni-MH: robust and feature rechargeable, Ni-Cd memory effect problem is more better.
 Lithium: light weight, no memory effect advantages. Lithium into lithium-ion and lithium polymer batteries into two categories.

 Note: Nickel-cadmium batteries or lithium batteries just kind of general. Is like car SUV ... The same types of batteries because of the different batteries have different chemical composition and performance.
 For example: lithium iron phosphate battery also referred to as "lithium batteries."

Battery memory effect

Occur due to repeated some of the battery charge and discharge due to incomplete, resulting in a temporary capacity of the battery decreases.
 The effect of early use of nickel-cadmium batteries for the most obvious, each charging the negative electrode has the role of hydroxide and cadmium, a metallic cadmium deposited on the negative electrode surface discharge, the negative electrode surface of the metal cadmium, cadmium hydroxide formed by the reaction this is dissolved - deposition reaction; when the discharge is incomplete, the cadmium metal electrode will gradually produce large crystals after leaving the chemical reaction is hindered, leading to capacitance reduction in the real performance, namely the so-called [] memory effect generated reason.


New Battery
 Core of each cell were filled with sufficient
Used several times the battery
 Core due to charging or discharging the battery is not fully produce the so-called "memory effect"
 Making the battery life reduced


 How to choose cordless power tools

Battery of three basic principles of assessment
 Voltage (volts): Like a car engine size, represents the "power."
 Amp Hour (Ah): Just like your car's tank size, represents the "life force."
 Cycle times (number of charge cycles): The battery can be charged many times. The battery "life."


Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium)
 Application of high consumption of
 Reasonable life
 Reasonable life
 Reasonable price
Lithium (lithium)
 Suitable for the upside down face
 Higher prices

Cordless power tools, "Power" chapter


Power (power head) = volts + high-performance motor and gear drive

 When increasing the number of volts, the power head and also increases
 Or when the motor, transmission, switching, etc. .. the design of more sophisticated mechanical devices, the power head will increase


Please note: the battery will not affect the chemical properties and equipment of the power head and the speed (either nickel cadmium or lithium batteries)!
 Will affect the chemical characteristics of the battery is the battery size, weight and endurance
 The same chemical properties, volts and amp-hour nickel-cadmium, lithium batteries will have the same power head and gear head

Cordless power tools, "life" articles

Life (block head) = volts + battery + motor gear drive capacity


Battery Specifications      
Voltage volts V

Battery capacity (ampere-hours Ah)

Battery life (Watt hours)











Because different applications will have different power consumption, it is not easy to get the number of batteries can drill a hole.
 For example: the same 18V, 2.4Ah the drill in drilling wood or metal substrate will have a different life.


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