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Introduction of the standard gauges

Standard Gauge Introduction

  • (A) plug type
  • (B) the role of the Function
  • (C) may use the test product
  • (D) the impact on product quality

(A) plug type

Half, finished gauge (metric)

Finished bead hole plug

Half, finished corners plug (metric)
 Truck Pneumatic square hole plug (17mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm)

(B) the role of the Function

  1. Gauge: for Socket, Wrench, in the lathe, drilling, heat treatment time required to process, to ensure that the size is correct, "GO" size to be able to set into the holes until the design depth, and "NO GO "can not be set into the screw holes.
  2.  Finished micropyle plug: for accessories to be connected to fight beads dry, D Head, F head .. and so, "GO" size to be able to set into the corners first, and "NO GO" can not be set into the tolerance must be inside.
  3.  Half, finished corners plug (male, English): For sleeve type, red sleeve in the back end when the four holes required to ensure the size is in range, "GO" size to be able to set into the four hole , and "NO GO" can not be set into.
  4.  Truck Pneumatic square hole plug: for sleeve type, in sewing, drilling, heat treatment process required to, "GO" size to be able to fit into the square hole sleeve truck until the design depth, and "NO GO" can not be set into the square hole.

Calibration cycle: plug the card regulations calibration period a year
Note: Correction of error of ± 0.02mm in excess of the amount of discomfort when rules need to scrap re-production.

(C) may use the test product

Gauge sleeve


Finished micropyle plug: Playing bead (then dry, D Head, F head ..)  

Square plug:
Socket class (four-hole side)


(D) the impact on product quality

  • Gauge: Semi-finished products and semi-plug main function of the feed materials for forging products inspection screw size, and hexagonal "GO" side must be completed into the "NOGO" side is not, if the "NOGO" end to Jin said screw is too large, another gauge for the detection of heat-treated product complete the sleeve, the heat treatment process is easy, if not properly controlled conditions lead screw deformation, it is necessary to use the product gauge testing, the other half is designed to gauge size product "GO" end product will be slightly larger than the end.
  •  Micropyle plug: when playing the bead manufacturing process, the need to use the test system with the plug-hole beads, beads in the press down, the plug can be used to ensure that the bead hole size is within tolerance, if the "GO" end can not set stocking, it will affect the product in use dysfunction.
  •  Square plug: punch in the back with the heat treatment process of the inspection process when the four-hole end of the sleeve when the required test system with a plug for the corners, to ensure that the end of the square hole size is in range.
  •  Note: The basis for the company's test of DIN and ANSI standard, so the public, British (half finished) gauge according to DIN and ANSI standards for production, the factory public, less than the British standard gauge 0.01mm DIN and ANSI in the range of error within.

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