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The Salt-water Spray Tester

Salt spray test machine

1. Function
2. Use the steps
3. May use the test products
4. The impact on product quality

1. Function


1. Laboratory cover
2. bottles of water, salt added entry
3. additional bottles of saline water window
4. panel
5. Regulator
6. gauge
7. dry bulb thermometer
8. Wet bulb thermometer
9. Measuring cylinder
10. measuring cylinder cover

2. Use the steps


1 Check the machine behind the first drain valve is closed (Figure 1), the water poured into the test chamber of the heating tank to no more than the main exhaust port location. (Drain valve switch is off and the water vertically upward, and parallel to the left to open water)

Figure 1

Figure 2

2 will be isolated from the tank with water to swamp the height of the plate position.
3 salt water into the salt solution to add slots, plus an approximately 20 liters, making it warm salt water flow to the brine tank.

4 cups water to wet-bulb, wet bulb thermometer is covered with wet gauze, wet gauze at the end as the wet bulb cup.
5 products in racks placed on the test.

6. Set test time (Figure 1), open all the power switch (Figure 2)

Figure 1

Figure 2

7. Set test temperature:
 a. salt water test:
       Laboratory temperature of 35 ° C
       Saturated air barrel temperature 47 ° C
 b. Corrosion test:
        Laboratory temperature of 50 ° C
        Saturated air barrel temperature 63 ° C
8 Press the compressor button:
 a. Press the front of the intake valve open air compressor
 b. the regulator filter modulation 2kg/cm * 2 of the pressure.
 c. The regulator raised 1kg/cm * 2 of the pressure,
9 test is completed, the switch will be closed by order

3. May use the test products

 The product into the test machine will be their seal, to do with the proportion of salt ㄧ be tested for about 48 hours, test the surface of the main advantages and disadvantages (electroplating and film-based).
 Can be used for all plating and coating surface treatment products.

4. The impact on product quality

Salt spray tester: to test the product surface treatment of rust and corrosion, as a result of climate in each country different degrees of surface erosion for different products, so we have set stringent conditions to carry out various tests on the product, because the product had early rust will accelerate and shorten the product life pretty.


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