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Professional Torque Tester

Professional Torque Tester

 Simple torque machine - Introduction



  1. Sensitive touch buttons
  2. LCD display control box can be horizontal rotation angle.
  3.  Wrench handle placement of the test and height adjustable to accommodate different sizes of wrenches.
  4.  Labor-saving design of the wheel body, high torque less calibration effort.
  5.  Aluminum base, lightweight, carry interest.

82 cm (L) × 52 cm (W) × 48 cm (H) Monitor is not installed [30 cm]
 Total weight 36KG

Simple torque machine - Specifications

  1. Measuring range: 40 ~ 400Nm.
  2. Measurement Accuracy: reading + / -1%.
  3. Unit selection: Kg-cm, in-Lb, N-m, Ft-Lb.
  4. PC PC data transmission: twisted power measured values ​​directly to the computer, automatically recorded in an Excel file.
  5. For easy self-correction function, users can be based on different test bed calibration methods, calibration points set up to four measuring points (in addition to zero outside), and up to five calibration points set mode. For different modes, the zero is common.

Simple torque machine - panel Description

 a. ZERO (zero key): Press once to display the last test of the maximum torque value zero, can re-check action.
 b. Setting / Up (program settings / up key): This button has two functions, the desire to make program settings, press to enter the setting, the other when entering the program, the case of a digital menu selection, press what value can be set up by 1 unit.
 c. Scroll / Down (the program selection / down key): This button has two functions into the program settings, press to enter the menu function for page. In addition, when entering the program, the case of a digital menu, press the following values ​​can be set down by 1 unit.
 d. Enter (the Enter key program): This key is set to enter the program and parameter settings to confirm function.
 e. On / Off (power on / off button): This key is a torque wrench calibration test bench power supply start switch is pressed once, the power is turned on and the display font, To end the operation, press once to turn off power off the screen display to end the action.

Simple torque machine - set the path

Basic settings - choose units



Basic configuration steps - selection of units



Base setting – mode selection



Originally a machine point of a module (a module point can be corrected 5:00) point to five modules, allowing users to one of five different modules to the value set in the model according to their needs set point to select, so that for different values ​​of the torque wrench can be faster to select.





Basic configuration steps - selection of modules



 Basic settings - set point torque module




According to a set point which five calibration points to set the values ​​you want, there are 4 surface is zero because the first point can not be changed.






Basic configuration steps - set torque value within the module point







Basic Settings - torque value correction



This step is to do calibration, the calibration rod needs to be accurate. Configuration steps (set torque machine> Torque Wrench Set> Torque Wrench Torque machine set up to trip sensors). Induction is set to escape to save themselves in tune more easily.





Basic configuration steps - torque value correction






Simple torque machine - Notes

  1. Test bed will be placed on the detection level on the desktop, making the pendulum test of the torque wrench placed on the platform measured, and its handle into the horizontal.
  2. Plug attached to the transformer, press the power button switch.
  3. Torque wrench to adjust the first test well want to test the torque value.
  4. Then measured the square drive torque wrench head, into the center test bed sensor outlet hole.
  5. As described later in this manual need to function according to methods set after set, in a clockwise way, turn the hand wheel knob, while making the test a torque wrench of the hand horizontal line close to the center when the show began to increase torque value has been transferred to the torque wrench to set the torque value.
  6. At this point the screen synchronized display of two data, the bottom right of the data for the detection of the maximum torque value, and in the top right of the data for the detection of the moment of torque.
  7. Post-test in order to turn the hand wheel knob counterclockwise manner, this time making the test a torque wrench handle decreasing torque, torque display on the current value down to zero, and the test can be replaced or re-adjust the torque wrench want to test of torque.
  8. End of the test-bed testing torque wrench work, be sure to load torque wrench completely relaxed. To maintain the quality and life testing use. 

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