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Cutting Tester Description

Pliers Shear life testing machine instructions


  1. Pliers testing purpose and function.
  2. May use the test product.
  3. The impact on product quality.
  4. About the test machine.
  5. Name describes the appearance of the site.

1, pliers and function of the purpose of the test.

one, Purpose:
      Type of shear test clamp times with fatigue.

 Two, Function:
      According to the average shear strength and frequency to detect products such as
      Pliers edge after the high-frequency shear is stable.


2, may use the test product

Machine set for hydraulic actuation of the way up and down movement patterns, so only for the transverse shear pliers (to be cut in the side things) to do the number of shear and fatigue testing. Test of maximum shear stroke of hydraulic cylinder actuators height 40mm.
  Currently the most important is to detect 61 Series Pliers, 62 Series diagonal pliers, needle nose pliers 63 series, 69 series mini diagonal pliers to do shear test.

3, the impact on product quality

3-1, the test can be based on the number of times the amount of shear test to see cutting edge in doing high-frequency treatment, the hardness is stable, as the basis for subsequent incoming inspection and quality control.

3-2, go through the same test conditions, analysis of differences between the same product, to use as a reference for quality improvement.

4, the tester Introduction

Name: Pliers Shear life testing machine.
 Test Product: Pliers.
 Load Cell (LOAD CELL): 200kgf.
 Maximum power: 150kgf.
 Test items:
            1, many times the average shear strength.
            2, shear blade life (times).

5, the appearance of various parts of the name of the function introduced

1, hydraulic conveyor.
2, shear panel
3, cut the control system.
4, pliers set up position
5, guide rollers and guide rod device.
6, the feeding system.
7, the feed tube with safety devices.
8, computer processing equipment


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