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The features description of the air ratchet wrench

Air Ratchet Wrench Features Description

KT Air Ratchet Wrench with conventional pneumatic ratchet wrench differences

1-1: Dust Cover
1-2: Double Ratchet
1-3: Shell one-piece ratchet design
1-4: Other Features

1-1 Dust

KT air ratchet wrench Traditional air ratchet wrench
Prevent dust, dust, foreign matter into the ratchet yoke No dust cover traditional design

1-2 double ratchet

Dual ratchet design

Single ratchet design
Dual ratchet design dispersion tolerance, increased transmission performance. (KT-37323, KT-37423) Traditional single ratchet design, a single ratchet subject to all of the force.

1-3 ratchet shell one piece design

Shell one-piece ratchet District

Ratchet shell for traditional processing

Shell one-piece ratchet design, shorten the distance to increase the body openings structural strength to prevent deformation of the opening area, this design can improve the design with the traditional life of up to 3 times, never deformation. Traditional design, material selection and heat treatment due to the stress generated will lead to shell out distraction ratchet deformation, resulting in the first group of D parts can not operate in situ, causing damage.

Ratchet opening distance difference

Opening a short distance

Distance is longer open


1-4 Other features



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