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4415 series Impact Extra Thin Wall Socket

4415 series Impact Extra Thin Wall Socket

  1. Using purpose: aluminum alloy wheels for cars designed for aluminum bolt circle diameter smaller than the average size, not usually a long sleeve disassembly operations.
  2. Using places: Automobile Repair Factory, tuning, tires shop... and so on.
  3. Size: 1 / 2 "drive 17MM 19MM 21MM
  4. Features:
     * Sleeve diameter smaller sizes, especially for aluminum rims or car modified with a special lightweight wheels.
     * Four-hole punch chamfer design on the back side of precise size and closer to the pneumatic drill and protect the Wrench life.
     (Usually wheels, such as long sleeves can be used for general disassembly operations, it is recommended to work with general long-sleeve)



General Pneumatic sleeve Screen Printing White with identification
 Thin air sleeve
Size difference 17MM 19MM 21MM
General long-sleeve outer diameter 26MM 28MM 30MM
Thin sleeve diameter pneumatic 23.8MM 25.8MM 27.8MM

III. Use: automotive industry


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