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※Three main parts of impact wrench(Hammer Case、Cylinder(Direction button)、Air inlet)

   Lightweight pneumatic wrench - remove the intake valve







  1. Part 2 will be 1 out of PIN (using Φ3.2mm more Φ4mm below)
  2.  Figure out the whole group into the valve (1 ~ 2 ~ 3)
  3.  Valve group in nearly the c button removed, remove the internal parts will follow the map (4)






Lightweight pneumatic wrench - remove the cylinder



Part of the cylinder is divided into three kinds of components: the rotor, cylinder, blade.
 1 lightweight cylinder group is very easy to remove as long as the part A can use the T-25 demolition, can be separated from the cylinder and the front cover.
 2 cylinder: Chai Wan screws 1> and handle separate from the cylinder, then remove the gasket on the cylinder in Figure 2-1 and 2-2> separated from the cylinder with the rotor in Figure 3-1 and 3-2> close then remove the leaves and then> to complete the
 3. Disassembly to remove the diagonal





Lightweight pneumatic wrench - remove the front cover



Front cover part is mainly divided into 3 parts: drill, lift room, hammer, PIN sales.
 1. As long as you can come out against hammer parts



Lightweight pneumatic wrench - into the valve assembly






  1. The intake valve 4 parts assembled> into the spring 4-1> and then into the intake valve 4-2> and then buckle into C
  2. Intake valve assembly into the grip of> attention will be loaded into the trigger pull and then> after a length of trench 2 (short-long-17MM 14MM) into 1 long in control of the long and short of short-> and then the PIN into the Figure 3 (short-long-28MM 16MM)> cis ring true in the pressure test the trigger> is complete
  3. Note: the trigger assembly, air intake group should pay particular attention to the direction




Lightweight pneumatic wrench - cylinder assembly


Part of the cylinder is divided into three kinds of components: the rotor, cylinder, blade.
1 into the rotor blades on the first> note that there is a hole in the rotor Xiazuo
2> into the cylinder, note that the cylinder has a PIN, PIN into the hole to Figure
3> the whole group into the cylinder, pay attention to load cylinder group Shihai again the replacement of the oil he is on the end of the base in Figure 1, into the hole to the attention of the direction and location map
4> convex toward the gasket into the cylinder> to complete the








Lightweight pneumatic wrench - front cover assembly

  1. The front cover part to the order of 3> Lifting Room> blow hammer (both positive and negative directions)> PIN> to blow hammer into the> Device front cover> to complete
  2. Figure 1 Figure 4 will be assembled together (you can lock on the corner)







Wrench - Basic Maintenance

  1. Air pressure after the compressor output pressure
  2.  After a combination of air conditioning (3 combinations)
  3.  Connected to the air tube and connect air tools
  4.  Pressurized air into the pneumatic tool by the trigger is released
  5.  Pressurized air into the motor
  6.  Motor part of the output, sent to the transmission part.
     These are the standard process air compressor set up to cut off water, gas and dust so Wrench life increased.
     * Wrench Maintenance:
                 ◎ way as are gently placed pneumatic wrench.
                 ◎ need to use before and after local injection of holes into the spindle oil to avoid rusting and the machine will not ring true.
                 ◎ try not to split split less than the hard stuff, you can first find a way to screw first, when there are slack, can increase machine life.
                 ◎ If removal to the pneumatic wrench, be sure to go back to when the assembly screws and parts to pay special attention to the lock.

Wrench Maintenance - finishing

  If there are air intake but can not rotate or turn the ring true?> Check the trigger is normal.
 > Open the front shell hit check is broken down.
 > Check the pressure adjustment knob is normal.
 > Check the reversing switch button is normal.
 If there is no trigger or pressing the spin button and will trigger the board machine can not automatically play back?
 > Check whether the board machine off.
 > Open the screws into the holes, check the intake valve for foreign objects attached to or latch is off.
 If the above issues are still ruled out after turning up not to mention ring true or torque when the situation?
 > Open the front cover gasket or washer check whether the damage caused by leakage.
 > Open the compressor blades for damage inspection.
 * After repair pneumatic wrench, the screws to keep in mind when putting it back in the lock (on the corner lock, Genlock allows the gap to seal), note that some lubrication.


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