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Torque Angle Gauge

I. Introduction

  • "Point of regulation" is used in automotive interior bolts and nuts (such as: cylinder head, bearing cap) has indicated its maintenance manual on the bolt or nut torque requirements, in order to avoid locking bolts and nuts tight because of damage caused by parts and developed, and mainly start with torque wrench tighten the lock torque value and then accurately point of view, simply: is a more torque can be adjusted to a more precise tool.
  •  Angle regulation scale is 360 °, the minimum is 2 ° can be positive or zero point of the left knob, use 1 / 2 "or 3 / 4" to the operation of the pull lever to adjust the angle of the proviso.



Second, the component description


Third, the use of

Operating Procedures


A: Insert the torque wrench required to tighten the bolts or nuts and then set torque, and the lock up torque requirements of the job book.  

B: the torque wrench to remove, then the angle required to regulate the output connector into the locking of the bolt or nut.

C: L line after loading and then dried to stable fixed.

D: the torsion angle rules pointer to zero.

E: the angle of torque wrench into the square hole regulation input.
F: Turn wrench to the desired angle. For example: If the demand is 90 degrees, turn the wrench, go to the far pointer to 90 degrees.


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