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The maintenance of the ratchet

Handle handle repair assembly of F H

F handle assembly


F handle assembly - the assembly process


Step one:
 First, the handle spring into the handle of the first U-slot F of the hole.
Step Two:
 Then in step one ball into the hole.
Step three:
 F handles about two head mounted handle screw holes and a small, the F head into the U-shaped slot and the head in the corner, and the F head ball screw holes for the large end of the line, then head to F head and abdomen under pressure to make the holes F and F handle connected to the handle head screw holes.
Step Four:
 To F screw the threaded end of the line handle, the handle shank from the F head screw into the hole, and pushed to the bottom.
Step Five:
 Then use the L to the F to rotate the handle screw tight, can not spin up.


Ratchet handle assembly


H handle assembly - the assembly process


Step one:
 Will be put to the hole in the axis direction, remember to round solitary home, if there is no set of words will lead to the direction button to switch sides when one side is about to lose function, remember to handle the direction of axis hole placed in front of the body (which can refer to step two illustrations).
Step Two:
 Button to place the direction of the axis direction, if the steps set in a circle arc, then the direction buttons to be perpendicular to the 6 o'clock direction, according to Step 1.

Step three:
 Placed perpendicular to the rivet hole in a fixed place in, and then stick with hammering iron vertical rivet head and the rivet completely in the direction of the shaft can be typed.
 PS: Please note that the start typing a little bit first secure the rivets, rivet look at whether there is vertical, and then complete any typing.

Step Four:
 D placed on the head within the handle, square corners opposite the first body to handle stand, please control surface.
Step Five:
 The film into the groove around the inside, so films have to play a positive K, T two signs, K mark is left on-chip, T flag is the right piece, please refer to drawing.

Step Six:
 Then pieces of equipment around the spring, and spring on the handle of the first film about the gap between the inside (see drawing), the spring assembly techniques, the spring pressed into the gap in a line after the load.
Step Seven:
 Place cover on the handle behind the front cover should note that out, how to distinguish between positive and negative? Hit the front cover "C"
Step Eight:
 The screws into the screw hole, the lock (not a hard lock after lock), lock the handle after complete hoist assembly process.
H assembled handle

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