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Know the hand socket and impact socket

Understanding hand socket and impact socket

Socket products (hand, impact)
 Using purpose: fast, secure exterior angle nut and set up removal tool.

hand socket

About hand Socket    
Holes: Square hole:
Screw shape:   Square hole size:
Hexagonal   1/4”=6.35mm
12 angular   1/2”=12.5mm
Hexagram (TORX)      1”=25.4mm


Distinction between screw size (metric)

Generally can be divided into common metric and inch socket

Metric Socket presented by MM,
 Such as the KING TONY-433528M
Inch socket presented by Inch,
 Such as the KING TONY-433532S


How to distinguish between hand socket or impact socket

Hand socket
Impact Socket


Europe (Japan) U.S. Impact socket difference


Impact socket



Europe, Asia





Points of difference

Pneumatic groove

No air groove


Common types of hand socket

Socket type


Use Description

The use of premises

Universal Joints

Universal Joints (Universal joint), also known as universal coupling, is used to pass between two intersecting axes of rotation of the space linkage. Movement in the transfer process, allowing the angle between the two axes intersect in a certain range.

Factories, motor vehicles Repair Factory, set up machinery

Mars socket

The spark plug for the removable sleeve

Steam Locomotive Repair Factory

E-type socket

Dismantling motor vehicles for the star screws on

Steam Locomotive Repair Factory

Rod socket T

Can be used in places where the screw angle of the workplace have

Factories, cars and motorcycles Repair Factory

Manually set the length of general

For dismantling or twelve angle hexagon screws with

Factories, motor vehicles Repair Factory, set up machinery


Hand socket and impact socket differences

  Hand socket Impact Socket
Size standards DIN-3124 DIN-3129
Square hole (head) Standard DIN-3120 DIN-3121
Standard screw DIN ISO-691 DIN ISO-69
Groove Square hole groove Bolt hole square hole
Use and purpose With hand tools, such as T-bar, H handles and other tools to remove and tighten the hex bolts (cap) With gas (power) dynamic tools such as pneumatic wrenches, air ratchet wrench, electric wrench, in order to remove and tighten the hex bolts (cap).
Speed ​​/ Torque Slow / small Fast / large

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