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KING TONY torque wrench series

KING TONY torque wrench series

Industrial Torque Tools
 ※ L-type torque wrench (with mini to replace the first type, 72PT type)

Professional Torque Wrench
 ※ General Type Torque Wrench

About KING TONY Torque Tools

The company's Torque Wrench according to international standards DIN-ISO-6789 specification test, and obtain GS certificate.
 Product specifications dimensions in manufacturing, process control are standard, in the assembly after each torque wrench have to be in accordance with international standard DIN-ISO-6789 as a three-point calibration, testing the torque required to meet the standards requirements.
 The test also tested with the industry more generally different, with industry generally artificially for testing correction, and the Company is operating instead of man-made machinery and equipment operation, to avoid personnel to operate the torque generated when the negligence of accuracy are not allowed to doubt.

Torque Tools distinguish

KING TONY torque wrench, according to the users frequency of use, accuracy, service life, can be divided into:
 Industrial Products: (L series)
 KT-34262, 34362, 34462, 34662, 34862 Series
 KT-3426C, 3436C Series
 KT-3426A, 3436A, 3446A Series
 KT-34512, 34522 Series
 KT-34111 (torque screwdriver)
 Professional Products: (general type)
 KT-34223, 34323, 34423 series

Industrial Torque Wrench (L type) series

Professional Torque Wrench (general type) series

L-type torque wrench features Description

L-type torque wrench to use


The difference with his brand

KING TONY Product Head
 1 quick release safety button
 2-way dial button


1 no quick release button
 2-way use
1. About to switch
 2. No quick release button
1. way dial button
 2. No quick release button
1. Up and down switch
 2. No quick release button
1. way dial button
 2. No quick release button


Differences with his brand

KING TONY product management body:
 1 round tube (can be two-way correction)
1 flat tube (one-way correction)


The difference with his brand

Laser calibration
 1 single scale / double scale
 2 can respond quickly to different customer needs, meet customer.


1 scale display window
 2 single-scale

1 scale display window
 2 single-scale

1 scale display window
 2 single-scale

1 hard-hit mark
 2 single-scale


Differences with his brand

KING TONY product set torque mode
 1 automatic ring down (torque setting knob)
 2 Turn the handle (rotation torque setting knob)
 3 ring back automatically (torque setting button) lock, fixed torque setting.


Pull the handle end of the adjustment knob clockwise or counterclockwise, turn the handle to set torque value, adjust the knob locked again.


 Differences with his brand

  1. Depending on product specifications, selection of specifications to correct machine calibration.
  2. Correction correction machine once every six months to ensure the accuracy of machine calibration.
  3. Automatic machine calibration, to avoid human error correction into account..
  4. Three-point correction, in line with international norms.


Automatic calibration test book




GS certificates and test reports





Torque applied to the palm like a hand

Level Model Picture Applicable

L Type

Industry, aerospace industry, laboratory equipment, automotive
  The first type can be changed
34512 series
34522 series
Industry, aerospace industry, laboratory equipment, automotive
Industrial 72PT Type
34X6A series
Industry, aerospace industry, laboratory equipment, automotive
3426C series
3436C series
Motorcycle, bicycle, laboratory equipment
Professional Traditional Automobile industry, machinery industry
  Torque screwdriver Computer equipment, bicycles, precision instruments


Torque screwdriver features Description

  1. This product uses beads escape trough body, its characteristics can be achieved when the torque is, unlimited escape, avoid excessive use of locking, and can be two-way use.
  2.  Body with aluminum, lightweight tools can result.
  3.  This product uses two thrust needle bearings and a steel ball bearings, reduce friction, to achieve a more stable torque value.

Affect the quality torque wrench for six to

  1. Management body:
    Tube body specially processed, treated over the tube body, and the friction in the pipe body internal parts, there are more excellent wear resistance, in order to obtain more accurate torque values. (KING TONY products are processed)
  2. Spring:
    Springs of different materials, different fatigue resistance is not generally used as a torque wrench ordinary material. (KING TONY's high alloy steel with special material to ensure the quality of the spring (spring K value), and life.
  3. Lubricants: pipe for moving the body and parts, will create friction coefficient, good oil, can reduce the friction coefficient. (KING TONY using special high oil imports, improve service life, increased smoothness, reduced friction coefficient)
  4. Assembly:
    Torque wrench for a number of precision parts, assembly of the quality of personnel, will affect the product quality. KING TONY staff shall be subject to relevant training courses, it was above the assembly line to ensure product quality.
  5. Designed part tolerances:
    Each part will have tolerance, tolerance to control how the entire product in the appropriate range, is an important science. KING TONY on torque wrench every part design to manufacturing, through detailed thinking, computer-aided design, to achieve the product quality requirements, higher than its peers.
  6. Correction of the technology and equipment:
    Torque wrench at the factory calibrated to be done on the torque, torque wrench to ensure the quality. KING TONY products are in line with DIN-ISO 6789 to the Premier conditions, coupled with in order to avoid the human factor, the product with automated machines make three correct, torque wrench to ensure the quality.

Tube body is like the skeleton, the spring like a heart, lubricants like blood, the difference will lead to three different quality


  1. When Torque Wrench (Torque Wrench) after adjustment to the required operating torque, torque will be zero, to avoid the spring compression and elastic fatigue due to long-term, affect torque accuracy.
  2. Avoid use as a demolition tool, resulting in part damage.
  3. Avoid Zhongshuai.
  4. Such as the use of exceptions, it first checks whether the abnormal head parts, such as no abnormal internal structure of parts may be damaged, and then notify the maintenance unit as maintenance treatment.
  5. Torque products must be regularly returned to the impartial unit for torque calibration to ensure accurate torque values. The recommended calibration time is one year of use or more than 5,000 uses.
  6. To ensure accurate value for torque, do not disassemble any parts of iron pipe, to avoid the use of the troubles.

Schema Description








Do not use in high voltage areas


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