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KT Pneumatic Wrench

KT Impact Wrench





The use of premises

Steam locomotive-related, computer electronics, mechanical assembly industry, a variety of mold industry, wood industry, construction industry ... and so on.

KINGTONY Wrench Series

Type Drive Hammering Room Torque (ft.lb/Nm)
33351-030 (Light weight)
3/8” Mechanism-Jumbo Hammer
New Twin Hammer
33411-020 ½” Mechanism-Jumbo Hammer 200/271
33421-040 ½” Twin Hammer 500/678

33461-060&33462-060(Light weight)

½” New Twin Hammer 500/678
¾” New Twin Hammer 700/949
1” New Twin Hammer 1800/2440
1-1/2” New Twin Hammer 2500/3388

Room features the hammering


New Twin Hammer features

Twin Hammer improve the design, because it is Twin Hammer design, so it's lifting room space, easily lead to rupture, the new room down the middle with a partition, to increase its structural resistance, to prevent rupture.

Twin Hammer Pin Hammer of the combination of lifting room, the middle is vacant, easily lead to Pin hammer blow after the break, the new structure is to set up the Pin hammer slot in the semi-circle, to increase its depend on.

Gun Series Wrench


  1. Use the operation: R steering lever left and right pressure, pinch machine is locking screw, unloading screw, pull the lever to L side, then pinch machine, do not turn the switch.
     (2) ability to adjust: the lock screw, 1 / 2 turn (about 1 second) rotation stop, the appropriate
  2. quipment will be the end of the lock screw. Adjust the gas regulator on the scale, can have the desired capacity.
  3.  3 general use of screws, about 2 to 3 seconds installed, if more than 5 seconds steps do not loose the screws and the torque on the screws can not be packed, you should use a larger capacity pneumatic tools.

Pneumatic tools cleaning and maintenance instructions

  1. To oil: before and after every use, from the inlet at the injection of 2 ~ 3 CC pneumatic oil, the internal motor cycle parts (cleaning, lubrication, anti-rust). Oil into the air, it will operate pneumatic tools freely about a few seconds, the excess air oil discharge, to continue operations. If a long job, plus a few half-way pneumatic oil. Pneumatic tools for rotating and permanent rules to ensure that tool life, reduce maintenance costs, improve production efficiency, be sure to add pneumatic oil.
  2.  Lift Room part: every 3 months old Huang Youqing should lift the net room, and then coated with an appropriate amount of new butter, but do not add too much butter, otherwise it will reduce the tool's function, please note! A filling hole, and should each months from the filling hole into a little butter, to increase the life of the Department of lifting room.

Wrench maintenance (such as: KT-3411-040)

※ In the maintenance of pneumatic wrenches three main parts (front cover, cylinder (the direction of twist), inlet) continue to do maintenance.

Wrench Maintenance - front cover

* Before the shell part is divided into four kinds of components: A-drilling, B-lifting room, C-Hammer, D-PIN.
 * Service to the previous case for several reasons:
    ◎ intake but there are not turning or rotating ring true? ANS: C may be broken. ◎ torque to mention the case does not go up when? ANS: assemble assembly may have gaps.

Wrench Maintenance - front cover (maintenance procedures)

Maintenance of the front cover part of the PCS only need a hex wrench to remove to replace. NEW TWIN HAMMER replace a group of steps:

  1. Hammer of the first two parts are stacked in reverse mode -
  2. After going down into the room -
  3. Then two PIN pin into the -
  4. Then turn the drill after drill into - (turning back and forth to see if a very smooth) -
  5. Then the entire group of parts into the machine -
  6. Cover locks into three housing screws (three screws as far as possible to avoid synchronization lock screws into the damage).

Wrench Maintenance - cylinder

* Part of the cylinder divided into four main parts: A-rotor, B-cylinder, C-blade, D-PIN pin positioning.
 * There are several reasons for repairs to the cylinder:
      ◎ rotating ring true or not put up the case of torque when? ANS: C leaves may be damaged or have run into the dirt inside the cylinder so the cylinder bi damaged. .
 * Inside the cylinder is the most difficult to repair, replace the factory does not recommend their own, mainly because of: the cylinder with the inner wall of the room is almost completely closed system it is very difficult to remove, return the factory to do this part of the recommended maintenance.

Wrench Maintenance - cylinder (maintenance procedures)

Maintenance of the front cover of the cylinder just need to get up on it. Cylinder maintenance steps:

  1. Prepared rubber hammer to Figure 1 A point where Qiaoxia Qu, will cover part of the release -
  2. After opening the cover to get inside the rotor, cylinder, blade
  3. If you just want to change this part of the blade can be replaced. Cylinders need to use special tools to remove the cylinder can be split up, customers are advised not to self-demolition.

Wrench Maintenance - inlet valve

* Intake valve is divided into A and B, for the consumption of parts: A-buckle, B-inlet valve.
 * Service to the air intake for several reasons:
    ◎ appear trigger will not buckle and press the trigger and the rotation or board machine can not automatically bounce?? ANS: the intake valve is attached to a foreign body, or board machine damage. .
 ◎ leakage situation? ANS: buckle may have dents or cards to foreign body.
 * Maintenance and replacement need to use special tools, so customers can buy their own replacement tool which would facilitate a lot.

Wrench Maintenance - intake valve (maintenance step)

Maintenance needs to grip the end of the intake valve into the valve and remove the buckle removal.
 Replacement of the intake valve steps: intake valve cover open to spring up out of> brass ring out with 33011> buckle cast viscous oil fixed in 33012 (that sticky flat surface)> 90 degrees right angle mounted into the grip and then use a rubber mallet percussion in that he fixed (do not knock too)> to the intake valve, spring loaded so that the completion of eleven.

Wrench Maintenance - finishing

If there are air intake but can not rotate or turn the ring true?
 > Check the trigger is normal.
 > Open the front shell hit check is broken down.
 > Check the pressure adjustment knob is normal.
 > Check the reversing switch button is normal.
 If there is no trigger or pressing the spin button and will trigger the board machine can not automatically play back?
 > Check whether the board machine off.
 > Open the screws into the holes, check the intake valve for foreign objects attached to or latch is off.
 If the above issues are still ruled out after turning up not to mention ring true or torque when the situation?
 > Open the front cover gasket or washer check whether the damage caused by leakage.
 > Open the compressor blades for damage inspection.
 * After repair pneumatic wrench, the screws to keep in mind when putting it back in the lock (on the corner lock, Genlock allows the gap to seal), note that some lubrication.

Wrench - Basic Maintenance

  1. Air pressure after the compressor output pressure
  2. Through a combination of air conditioning (3 combinations)
  3. Connected to the air tube and connect air tools
  4. Pressurized air into the pneumatic tool by the trigger is released
  5. Pressurized air into the motor
  6. Motor part of the output, sent to the transmission part.

These are the standard process air compressor set up to cut off water, gas and dust so Wrench life increased.
 * Wrench Maintenance:
             ◎ way as are gently placed pneumatic wrench.
             ◎ need to use before and after local injection of holes into the spindle oil to avoid rusting and the machine will not ring true.
             ◎ try not to split split less than the hard stuff, you can first find a way to screw first, when there are slack, can increase machine life.
             ◎ If removal to the pneumatic wrench, be sure to go back to when the assembly screws and parts to pay special attention to the lock.




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