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Torque Multiplier


Torque times the power control function & purpose

  1. Easily in a small space to achieve high torque.
  2. Avoid using extension rod, means that the operation safer.
  3. 1:5 torque multiplication ratio, so that work more time and effort.
  4. Maximum torque output of 2700Nm.

Using places, times the force control

  1. No power source: If no compressed air system or power, for example: outdoor works (laying of the tracks, Tower project to build large outdoor areas ...).
  2. Space is limited, can not use the plus pole place.
  3. Can not use percussion instruments place.

Bally Specificat

  1. Torque amplification ratio: 1:5
  2. Maximum torque output 2700NM/2000lbf.ft
  3. Enter the square head size: 3 / 4 "
  4. Output square head size; 1 "

Torque times the force of the parts of the name of the device


¾ "input

Screw holes / screws

Reaction arm straight

1 "output


L-type reaction arm



Bally uses methods


* Installation reaction arm



Installation Notes reaction arm
※ Installation reaction arm should do the live reaction arm slot screws or screw holes, to ensure work safety.


Torque multiplier to use

1 to prepare the necessary tools:
 1-1 Enter Duan Fang hole: 3 / 4 "H or T handle or lever handle such as F
 1-2 out of courtesy, Head: 1 "sleeve (depending on selection of different sizes to be seeking sleeve)


or or

2. Disassembly required for the bolt / cap, put on the sleeve, torque multiplier, with the ratchet wrench to drive the bolt / cap

Combination Completion

The clockwise direction is lock

The Counterclockwise direction is unlock.

When the reaction arm has no obstacle where be resisted.



Results: The resulting idle, unable to relax or tighten the workpiece

Reaction arm must be firmly positioned against the right to resist things, otherwise you can not use



1. to note with the torque wrench, do not overload use (the maximum torque of our products 2700N-m).
2. Keep wrench drive head, and the locking device Bally material in concentric axis.
3. Try to keep reaction arm and resist material, the largest flat contact surface.
4. Try to keep reaction with the reaction arm at right angles.
5. points should be kept away from the times of reaction force control, and security Triangle.
6. times the power to remove the device, first remove the wrench, should not beat.
7. prohibits the use of electric tools or pneumatic tools, torque times the force to drive the device.
8. high-altitude operations, safety rope should be added.


  1. Bally Total annual periodic replacement of the internal lubricant.
  2.  Do not let the reaction arm damage.

Times the power device Q & A

  1. Torque wrench with Bally device can be used with it?
     Yes, but please do not put a torque wrench as accurate input settings, this will result in cumulative tolerances.
  2.  Why do not the torque wrench as a precise setting?
     Bally general customers will confuse this device with the torque wrench is a misconception, although the output device times the force accuracy of 5% but then the input must be accurate to 5% accuracy of input values ​​only, instead of torque wrench to set, because the torque wrench itself plus 4% tolerance times the power control tolerance is just over 9% or so times in the use of force when the input device is a torque wrench to accurately rather than as standard.
  3.  Can use as a torque wrench?
     The Secretary has stressed the device times the force accuracy of 5% does not restrict the use of methods, and tolerance is 4% of the torque wrench will not do so.
  4.  Why input to 3 / 4 "above?
     Because the Secretary times the power of the output of the conversion of up to 2700NM 540NM up the need for input and 1 / 2 "square head also only need to use DIN standard 512NM it to
    3 / 4" or more.

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