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Screwdriver and Bits

Screwdriver and Bit


Basis beginning can be divided into:  

1.Cross-type (PH),rice cross-type (PZ)


2.A font (SLOTTED)


3.TORX type, TORX in the hole


4.Hex socket screwdriver


Composite (PP + TPR) grip color
 KT-1421, 1422)

  To prevent the slide  
  Composite grip (PP + TPR)
Provide an excellent touch

High-quality alloy steel (sncm + v)



Screwdriver can be made ​​percussion
 KT-1461, 1462 - composite (PP + TPR) grip color
 KT-1481 ,1482-PVC grip


Percussion head can be used with hammer

Hexagonal auxiliary head, with wrench to use,
 The view to increasing the rotational force

Dielectric series screwdriver
KT-1471, 1472,1478 series

1 according to IEC 60900:2004 manufacturing
2 can be used for voltage less than 1000 volts AC parts of the operation, such as distribution boxes, fuse boxes, terminal blocks, relays and other electric relay operate.
3 Safety Precautions:
Absolutely green when using electrical tools, hand then please follow the relevant safety to prevent accidents students.

Bit category


Bit size can be roughly divided into
 ¼ "(6.35mm)
 5 / 16 "(8mm)
 Bit head shape



Bit Size

Bit head shape







Bit driver based on the mix of tools, can be divided into


1 Manual Type (Bits)  

Manual single-head type


2 pneumatic (Power Bit)  

Pneumatic single-head type

Pneumatic double-headed type


KING TONY BIT class matrix

1 / 4 "Manual Bits (single) 1025S 1025P 1025Z 1025T 1025U 1025H

5 / 16 "Manual Bits (single)

1800S 1800P   1800T          
5 / 16 "Manual Bits (Double)  


10mm Manual Bits       1600T 1600U 1600H     1600M
1 / 4 "Pneumatic Single Head Power Bit 7150H 71□□□P 71□□□Z 71□□□T   7150H   7150R  
Double Power Bit 5mm long pneumatic   72□□□P              
1 / 4 "Pneumatic Double Power Bit   74□□□PP              
1 / 4 "Air Power Bit Long Double   73□□□PP              




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